Fabrice Fiteni Fabrice Fiteni

TO BUILD A FIRE a film by Fx Goby

In the harshness of midwinter, a trapper is crossing the Yukon with his dog. Struggling to survive, he attempts to build a simple fire. 
To Build a Fire is widely recognised as a Jack London masterpiece and is a classic of American literature.

Based on the short story by Jack London

"To Build A Fire" is this week's Staff Pick Premiere! Read more about it here: vimeo.com/blog/post/to-build-a-fire

Directed by Fx Goby

A Composite Films production
Executive producer Samuel François-Steininger
Line producer Marie Corberand

In coproduction with Nexus Productions
Charlotte Bavasso
Chris O’Reilly

Fx Goby Films & Pictures

Carabine Productions Christel Delahaye

Lead animator
Christian Boving-Andersen

Paul Dabout
Martin Hurmane
Leni Marotte
Juliette Peuportier
Landariu Tinubu
Sidonie Vidal
Emmanuelle Walker

2D FX animation Matt Timms

Animatic Fabrice Fiteni

Art director Tristan Ménard

Background artists
Antoine Birot
Linus Carlson
Damien Colbolchevik
Joe Dennis
Tonet Dura
Guitty Mojabi

Visual Researches
Colin Bigelow
Fx Goby
Oren Haskins
Hélène Leroux
Thomas Roisland
Tristan Menard
Guitty Mojabi
Marthe Strand Mourier
Marie Thorhauge

Clean up production supervisors
David Blanche
Jessica Lewis

Clean up artists 
Rosie Andrews
Rosie Baker
Joshua Barlow
Danielle Bethel
Lena Blaschek
Kasia Brzezińska
Georgina Cook
Mohamed Fadera
Leila Foong
Rhian Jones
Tom Legg
Jessica Maple
Leni Marotte
Sara Moon
Lewis Nash
Toby Parry
Juliette Peuportier
Jamie-Lee Reynolds
Andy Stevens
Marthe Strand Mourier
Joe Strange
Riu Niyi Tinubu
Adam Malcom Waters

3D modelers
Dorianne Fibleuil
Michal Firkowski

3D rig
Pete Addington

Abel Kohen
Fx Goby
Quentin Pointillart
Alexia Provoost

Editing Fx Goby